Senior Friends

Animals can do so much for us. They help our mental well being, help with exercise and help us feel needed. Research has proven that those who have animal companions live longer lives. Animals who are a bit older tend to get overlooked because people don't see all the special things they have to offer. They typically are a bit more calm and don't require as much exercise or care that a younger more energetic animal would. They also already have a routine and often don't require training.


Adopt-A-Pet is proud to offer a special Senior Friends program. If a person is over 65 and has no other animals we are happy to match them with a cat or dog over the age of five and waive the adoption fee. We look at the needs of the person as well as the animal so an appropriate match can be made.  We appreciate receiving a donation, if possible, so we can continue with the programs we offer. The animal's routine medical has been updated so the person won't need to pay for any routine medical for at least a year.