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Adoption Information

Adoption Policies
Adopt-A-Pet's adoption policies are stricter than many people expect. We believe all pets deserve to live in a clean and loving home where their presence is valued and contributions to their human companion are acknowledged. 


For this reason:

  • We carefully screen all adoption applicants to ensure the right match for the animal.  We adopt to homes where the pet will live indoors as a family member.

  • Pets are not to be left outdoors while their guardians are not home.

  • All pets are fixed prior to adoption. There are no exceptions to this rule. It is strongly recommended that pets in the same household are spayed or neutered.

  • We reserve the right to do a home check at any point after the adoption.

  • Some of our animals are older or have medical conditions. Special requirements of the adoptive family may have to be met.

  • If we feel it is not the best match for the animal and/or the adopter, Adopt-A-Pet reserves the right to refuse any adoption and the foster home has a say in all adoptions.


Adoption Fees

Adoption fees vary depending on length of stay, medical involved, age, etc. Fees start at $40 and can go up to $500 depending on the animal.  Some animals with significant medical issues may have an increased adoption fee but that will be completely transparent.  All animals have the following medical: spay/neuter, age-appropriate vaccines, worming, heartworm, or FIV/FeLV tests, flea preventative and microchip. We have a special Senior Friends program.  We gladly accept VISA, MasterCard, cash and debit cards.


Senior Friends Program

Animals can add so much to our lives. They help our mental well-being, help with exercise and help us feel needed. Research has proven that those who have animal companions live longer lives. Animals who are a bit older tend to get overlooked because people don't see all the special things they have to offer. They are typically calmer and don't require as much exercise or care that a younger more energetic animal would. They also already have a routine and often don't require much training.


Adopt-A-Pet is proud to offer a special Senior Friends program. This program is designed for individuals over 60 that do not have any other animals and who are on a fixed income. We will adopt a cat or dog who is eligible for this program provided it is a good match for both and waive the adoption fee.  These animals are all fixed, up to date on vaccines, tested and microchipped. We look at the needs of the person as well as the animal so an appropriate match can be made. We appreciate receiving a donation, if possible, so we can continue with the programs we offer.


Cat Adoptions Range in Price from $40-$150
Dog Adoptions Range in Price from $100-$500

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