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of the week

Ali is a big, hunk of love.  He is attention starved here at the shelter and has been here much too long.  Ali came to us with severe Heartworm Disease.  He was treated for several months and is now Heartworm free and he's feeling fantastic and sassy.

Ali is good with many dogs as long as they can handle his rude, rough play.  Ali is not good to live with cats since he's a big bulldozer and doesn't know his strength.

Ali loves everyone he meets provided they are introduced appropriately.  He loves all of our volunteers and staff.  They take him for day trips, car rides and he is a favorite to have in our offices to hang out.  He definitely will need some training and patience since he has developed a behavior of trying to get our attention with his mouth.  He doesn't like being ignored. :)  He also wears a belly band since he likes to mark new things in our offices.  We suspect that will stop once he is settled in his new home.

If you can give this hunk a new family, please email dogs@adoptapetfenton.com.

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