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Chico is such a ham!  He adores his people and will lean into them or lay on them or just want to be with them.  This 2.5 year old boy loves to play.  He isn't picky on what to play with and will play with rope toys, balls, toys - really anything that is fun to him.

Chico wants to be the king of his castle and would like no other animals in the home.  His foster dad says he's perfect in his home with a fenced yard.  He has bouts of playfulness and then wants to cuddle with his person.  He is crate trained, potty trained and walks great on a no pull harness.  The only complaint he might have about him is that he's a couch hog. :)  

Bull Terriers can be a bit bull headed and need to continue with training throughout their lives and they are also very affectionate with a lot of personality.

If you are interested in giving Chico a loving home, please email dogs@adoptapetfenton.com with as much information about yourself, living arrangements, dog experience, etc.  If you have other animals in the home or who come visit, unfortunately, Chico is not your guy but we have many others who might be your match.