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Drake is a young guy who has allergies. 

He loves his people and loves attention.  He loves to sit in a spot in the sun and loves it even more if his person is close by. He tolerates dogs but doesn't seek their attention, in fact, if they seek his attention he's going to give them a whack and a hiss.  If they leave him alone, he goes about his business.  He would do ok with one other cat but more than that might not please him. He would probably love it more if he could be the king of his castle.  However, he would love it MOST if he just had a home and family rather than being stuck in a shelter.

When he first was found he had so much hairloss on his back that it was virtually bald.  He's now got full hair growth except for one area that is so itchy he just keeps opening it up.  That is, until we found his awesome camo outfit.  He can't get at the area now and it is healing up very nicely.  Drake is on allergy medication that he will likely be on for the remainder of his life. Once this pandemic is over, you can email cats@adoptapetfenton.com to give Drake a better life.

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