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Adopt-A-Pet is committed to helping people and animals in need. We hold ourselves to a high standard – one which looks out for the physical AND mental well-being of our animals. Our mission is to provide a means to place unwanted, adoptable animals into appropriate, loving homes. We are committed to reduce the amount of animals killed daily in overcrowded shelters by providing programs to help. All animals are fixed, vaccinated, tested and microchipped prior to adoption. All potential adopters are screened to ensure an appropriate match is made.  

Adopt-A-Pet takes pride ensuring the animals' mental faculties are attended to by utilizing puzzle bowls for feeding, including enrichment activities in their daily care, providing music and olfactory stimulation to take their minds off the shelter.  Each animal gets at least one session of training per day.


Adopt-A-Pet is a non-profit, animal center situated on eight acres in Fenton, Michigan.  The beautiful grounds include an agility course to keep the dogs busy, four fenced areas for the dogs to play and gorgeous landscaping.

In 2019 

we had 1409


and a save

rate of 99.9%!


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Due to Covid 19, this Kitten Shower has turned into an online kitten shower.  We are still taking in lots of kittens and still need supplies!  If you are able to help, the items most needed at this time are canned and dry kitten food, extra small litter pans and interactive toys and Breeder's Choice kitten replacement milk.
We will post many of our babies on Facebook on April 25th so you can see who we are helping. 
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August 29, 2020

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